Fate (Qadr)


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Failures, setbacks, heartbreaks, broken friendships or relationships are all meant to teach us something. I learned a valuable lesson and that is to not hate the unpleasant experiences as they shape us. It is during the storm that we understand the value of peace and blessings that we fail to see when everything is going as we wanted it to. If we choose to focus on the negative experience then we are essentially holding ourselves back from leaving that storm. Usually, we anticipate the worst when the storm is coming or we underestimate how severe the storm may be. In the end, what matters is not whether the storm comes or not but how we react during the storm and what we do to get out of it. A lot of times, it’s not so much about change as it is about us coming to terms with qadr (fate). We may keep on planning our lives but in the end, the storm will come and leave when its meant to, not when we want it to. So the next time things are not going as planned, your relationships are falling apart, you lose a job or don’t get the job you wanted, just remember that what’s meant for you, will not pass by you. It is one of the hardest things to accept but nothing can heal a broken heart other than accepting qadr(fate). Nothing can satisfy our never-ending desires except believing in fate.



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